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        Emergent Scholar Seminars

        APHERP is pleased to announce the creation of a new research seminar series. In contradistinction to our on-going series that we have called “senior seminars” to reflect the fact that most of the participants are well-established figures in higher education research, these events will be called our “Emergent Scholar” research series.  For these we are inviting our member institutions to nominate a participant relatively new in her or his academic career.

        Our procedure will be similar to that employed in the senior seminars, that is, APHERP staff will draft a framing “concept” paper for the forthcoming event. The purpose of this document is to provide a background and setting for the research subject into which the participants may write. We have previously urged participants to expand material in the concept paper, or challenge it as the case may be.  Each paper will be presented in the seminar and thoroughly discussed.  Following the seminar, papers will be aggregated into a prospectus and presented to either a journal or book publisher for publication consideration. Upon acceptance the designated editor will assist the participant in the revision of the paper for publication.

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