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        Leadership Institute – Chia-yi, 2014

        2014 LI Group

        “Higher Education Innovation and 21st Century Learning Capabilities”

        July 13-20, 2014
        National Chung Cheng University
        Chia-yi, Taiwan


        Core Materials

        • List of 2014 Participants ()
        • Schedule ()



        1. “The Intractable Dominant Educational Paradigm,” John Hawkins ()
        2. The IFE 2020 Tool Kit ()
        3. “The Transformation of Research in the Knowledge Society, John Hawkins” ()
        4. “The New ‘Ecology’ for Higher Education: Challenges to Accreditation,” Peter Ewell ()
        5. “21st Century Work Skills and Competencies,” John Hawkins and Deane Neubauer ()
        6. “International Student Mobility for East Asian Integration,” Kazuo Kuroda (PDF)
        7. “Redefining Public and Private in Asia Pacific Higher Education,” Molly Lee & Deane Neubauer ()
        8. “Rethinking Innovation in a Higher Education Context,” Deane Neubauer ()



        Click on the links in blue to download the PDF version of the presentation

        – Introducing the Asia Pacific Higher Education Partnership

        1. – The Intractable Dominant Educational Paradigm
        2. – Ten Globalization Challenges for Higher Education
        3. – Framing the Conversation about the Knowledge Society
        4. – Higher Education and Quality Assurance: Trends and Tensions in Asia
        5. – The Changing Social Ecology of Higher Education in the Asia Pacific Region
        6. – 21st Century Work-skills and Competencies: Establishing Context
        7. – Mobility Data for Asia Higher Education
        8. – Regionalization & The Harmonization of HE in Asia: Easier Said Than Done
        9. – Globalizing Practices in Asian-Pacific Universities
        10. – Higher Education: Public Good or Private Service?
        11. – The Continuing Paradigm Changing of Higher Education: Changing Ecology
        12. – Increasing Globalization of Higher Education: Implications for Southeast Asia
        13. – Teaching Globalization as a content-based language course to Chinese students: a case study at NENU
        14. – Massification, Accessibility and Quality of Higher Education in China: Northeast Normal University as a Case
        15. – Rethinking Innovation in Asia Pacific Higher Education
        16. – The Shifting Ecology of Research in Asian Pacific Higher Education: Imitation or Innovation


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